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glue is a Public Portfolio from Assembla

Assembla offers free public and private SVN/Git repositories and project hosting with bug/issue tracking and collaboration tools.

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Users Last login Role Space Permissions
Amy Book (amyjess) Logged in 1261 days ago Core 0 spaces
Anniepoo (Anniepoo) Logged in 663 days ago Core Friendularity (Watcher)
Ben Jenkins ( Logged in 441 days ago Core 5 spaces
Benjamin Goertzel (bgoertzel) Logged in 1931 days ago Core GLUE-AI (Member)
davidhanson (davidhanson) Logged in 1726 days ago Core 2 spaces
debr@tetonstrate... ( No logins Core 0 spaces
Douglas Miles (logicmoo) Logged in 204 days ago Core 8 spaces
Kino Coursey (kinoc) Logged in 1425 days ago Core 2 spaces
LakeW (LakeW) Logged in 1927 days ago Core GLUE-AI (Member)
Matt Stevenson (matt.r.stevenson) Logged in 167 days ago Core 8 spaces
Qulax K (zippo5973) Logged in 295 days ago Core 3 spaces
Ryan Biggs (RyanBiggs) Logged in 265 days ago Core 4 spaces
Stu B (stub22) Logged in 27 days ago Manager 8 spaces
zhongyong (zhongyong) Logged in 2469 days ago Core 0 spaces

They have access to all spaces and information. They can also invite other users to be managers.
They are members/owners of your spaces. They can see some reports about their space tickets, activities, and users in the portfolio + defined access to each space you invited them in the portfolio.
They will see a start page listing the spaces and activities that they are working on with you, plus the defined access to each of the spaces you invite them in the portfolio.